Acknowledgement of the real Superheroes without capes.

National Health Superheroes

Official Supplier of NHS Hero Pins 


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Buying For Yourself?

Support the NHS when buying, and we will donate 10% of every sale to the NHS Charity.


Free Sample

We are sure you will love our Hero PIns, but to give you reassurance we can send out a free sample pin before placing your order.



We can supply 10,000+ per week on request.

Highest quality manufacturing.

Professional look.

Made with soft enamel.

Rounded smooth edges.

Infection control compliant.

Dispatched within 1-2 weeks*.

Place your orders as soon as possible as demand is increasing.


We are part of the Coopers Care UK Ltd company, for over 5 years we have become an established company within the healthcare sector in the United Kingdom and around the world. We specialised in a number of healthcare products supplying our nurses and doctors across the United Kingdom, In addition to being a supplier to the NHS and Universities enhancing the Nursing and Midwifery programmes with the newest training equipment for the next generation of healthcare professionals.


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